Convertro strives to be the leading automated tool for marketers to truly understand the performance of their advertising choices and activate upon these insights as quickly as possible. We've built a technology that not only gathers granular information about the customer path to conversion, but is also able to scientifically optimize marketing mix and automatically understand how to shift spend to maximize ROI.


Convertro was founded in 2009 by Jeff Zwelling, David Feldman, David Perez and Gary Gurevich. The founders built the first prototype for their previous company, the e-commerce website YLighting, to accurately measure how different marketing channels impacted each sale. They knew the simplistic yet prevalent last-click model was inadequate, and that measuring conversion across devices was crucial to develop accurate datasets on which to run attribution.

In 2014 Convertro was named a leader by Forrester in the Attribution space and the company was acquired by Aol. In 2015, Aol was acquired by Verizon. Both of these acquisitions have expanded the device graph and programmatic integrations of Convertro.