What is the marketing brain today?  Today’s deluge of data impedes marketers from making intelligent decisions and then quickly acting on those decisions.  

For many successful companies, Convertro acts as the digital brain and nervous system.  By helping clients move past the basics - data collection and attribution, Convertro users can quickly see what will happen if they do A, B, or C.  

Once our users decide to act, they can leverage our activation layer - which automates and accelerates changes directly into media buying tools


+ You aren’t able to respond quickly enough to insights provided by your current analytics provider

+ Your buying partners don’t always take the recommendations you send them

+ The volume of activity you drive on search and display makes it difficult to keep up the pace
    of optimizing campaigns

+ You want to bring programmatic buying in-house, but are short staffed


You’re in control

  • Send recommended changes to your agency

  • Push the changes you want directly into popular Search Engine Management tools like
    Marin and Kenshoo

  • Permission based optimizations with our "ACT" button.

Automatic Optimization

  • For clients using ONE by AOL, Convertro recommendations can directly drive the optimization engine within AOL’s DSP, controlling bid price and spend levels