Convertro Receives High Ranking Again

Top independent research firm gives Convertro highest scores for ‘technology platform’ and ‘customer reference adoption of unified measurement’

We’re excited to announce that our Unified Marketing Attribution Platform (UMAP) has been recognized by Forrester Research in their new report titled, “The Forrester Wave™: Marketing Measurement And Optimization Solutions, Q4 2016.” Market measurement and optimization solutions help marketers gain valuable insight and visibility into how their budgets perform across various campaigns. Convertro was identified in the report as one of the “10 most significant providers.”

The report helps to educate the market around the many challenges marketers face with attribution. Today, most marketers use two separate models - Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) - to understand the true return on advertising investments and informative decision-making. However, because the models are fundamentally different, and were developed using different data sets and methodologies, the results are most often inaccurate or biased when combined and cobbled together.

Recently, the industry has moved to unify these two models. Having a unified model that exists within a single framework enables marketers to more effectively execute and optimize their efforts. In addition, it provides a consistent and more accurate set of metrics, drives more informed decisions for the allocation of marketing budgets across channels, and helps brands and marketers understand and act on the entire customer journey to achieve key objectives.

Convertro’s UMAP held the highest possible scores in several key criteria that support a marketer’s strategy in connecting with its customers:

Among evaluated vendors, Convertro’s UMAP also received the highest possible scores in the following criteria:

  • Data acquisition

  • Cross-channel identity 

  • Granularity resolution

Convertro also received the highest possible scores in the following criteria:

  • Client satisfaction: user interface

  • Client satisfaction: data normalization

  • Activation

We believe these scores reflect our commitment to delivering the most robust solution in our Unified Marketing Activation Platform (UMAP). Released one year ago, UMAP is an entirely new platform that seamlessly integrates MMM and MTA and attributes both online and offline ROI all the way down at the user-level.

This is critical as we live in an increasingly digital world, and more and more types of information are available across all channels. Our platform is open and flexible to handle inputs from wherever they come, both now and later.  With the industry’s top data acquisition tools available through one platform, we are able to identify and customize insights to each consumer’s ‘web of influence’ across all of their devices and channels, today and well into the future.

It’s also important to note that having all of this information down to the user-level can be intimidating. This is why we have heavily invested in creating an intuitive interface that easily visualizes data that does all of the heavy lifting – for rapid execution on digital insights. We think Forrester recognized these capabilities, with the highest score in the technology platform category.

Beyond technology, however, marketers need to understand how to interpret all of these new, more granular insights, which is why we have continued to invest in education and training for our clients resulting in top scores in this category. With the highest possible client satisfaction: user interface rating, we think it’s working.

With our UMAP product, even after just a single year, AOL is poised to handle not only the convergence of channels that we see today, but also those we have not yet imagined for the future. We are very pleased with our performance in Forrester’s evaluation and will continue to build on our offering for our customers.

By Amy Mitchell, General Manager and Head of  Convertro