Stop Being Confused by Cross-Platform Analytics

Ask the smart questions to get the right solution

How do you maximize the ROI … on your ROI analysis? Every cross-platform provider builds up their best-in-class data and analytics, but many marketers feel they’re falling short.

A new report commissioned by The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) in collaboration with the 4As Media Measurement Task Force gives marketers an intelligent and actionable overview of the state of ROI measurement. “Current Practices in Attribution and ROI Analysis” breaks down the leading measurement approaches, candidly spelling out their strengths, weaknesses and tradeoffs.

Read the complete report, “Current Practices in Attribution and ROI Analysis.“

For instance, marketing-mix models provide a big-picture view of how different channels affect sales, but they can be too slow and macro to help guide tactical decisions. Attribution provides real-time feedback but may be too digital-focused.

The research by media metrics consultants Sequent Partners also zeroes in on the questions marketers should ask about current and potential analysis tools: Are all the right media channels being measured? Does the explanation of how the model works give me confidence? Do the results make sense, given what we know about our business?

To make the best decisions, you need to make sure you’re getting the best data.