Best Practices in Marketing ROI Performance Management

Bridging Strategies and Tactics


Across industries, we now know traditional platforms and digital channels must work in tandem to achieve marketing success. Equally important, and perhaps less examined, successful marketing also depends on seamless coordination between sales, operations and other critical internal investment areas. Yet too often, the dialogue in analytics is focused exclusively on the digital and offline marketing silos.

Today’s best in class analytic approaches can decipher the real ROI and synergies across a company’s full investment portfolio. They can provide a view into the growth and profit opportunities offered by all elements of the investment portfolio – product, operations, sales, and even human resources.

Watch the full webinar Best Practices in Marketing ROI Performance Management to learn how ROI management can increase opportunity and efficiency - from activation to organization alignment - across departments to power smarter data-driven decisions, marketing investments and deployment.

Hosted by MSI and presented by analytic experts Michael Cohen, Head of Data & Analytics at Convertro, and Jim Spaeth, Partner at Sequent Partners, this webinar shares findings on current solutions and practices in data-driven ROI performance management including:

Models available today, from integrated Marketing Mix Models to Multi-Touch Attribution, and those linking the best of both techniques through top-down and bottom-up approaches

Systemic constraints of each model including incomplete and inaccurate data that results in biased, imprecise information or an insufficient resemblance to the world in which the brand operates

How a consumer-centric models function in theory and practice

Aligning internal stakeholders to create a single process of planning and allocating marketing budget

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