Wine Enthusiast Looks At Data To Shift Ad Spending, Reaps Return with Convertro

By implementing Convertro, Wine Enthusiast was able to:

  • Increase holiday revenue by 16% (Black Friday to Christmas) from the previous year’s results, just by optimizing the affiliate channel
  • Gain granular insights on Commission Junction’s converting and non-converting affiliates, which enabled Wine Enthusiast to cut actual costs paid to affiliates by 33% while increasing overall ROI by 49%

Bonobos Gains Attribution Insights, Shifts Budget To Drive New Customers With Convertro

By implementing Convertro, Bonobos was able to:

  • Create a custom attribution model that accounts for the efficacy of and interaction between its marketing channels for new, return and Guideshop customers
  • Determine that Facebook advertising introduces the brand to more new customers than display advertising
  • Better allocate budget to performing sources such as Facebook