Convertro Drives Marketing Efficiency For Chegg

Convertro helped Chegg optimize media to generate $350K in savings during their peak month for textbooks and etextbooks coupled with an increased CPO efficiency by 10%



Chegg, the Student Hub, is focused on improving the outcomes for today’s high school and college students. Chegg’s services include Chegg Study, Chegg Tutors, college and scholarship matching for textbook rentals and sales, and

For its textbook business, Chegg’s goals are to drive rentals and sales at an efficient cost-per-order (CPO). The company wanted to maximize the ROI of their SEM/PPC spend, while maximizing the savings on their marketing investments.


Chegg partnered with Convertro to make smarter optimizations that yielded better results. This included:

Utilized Convertro’s Time of Day/Day of Week report to determine when to bid on their PPC campaign to optimize savings and conversions
Leveraged the PPC Keyword Harvester report to increase conversions by showing converting PPC search queries they did not already have as keywords
Identified negative keywords for exclusion from the PPC campaign to improve CTR


Chegg’s campaign was extremely successful at maximizing savings during their peak seasonality month for textbooks and electronic textbook sales. The Convertro optimized SEM/PPC media:
Generated $350K in savings during their peak month for textbooks and etextbooks
Increased CPO efficiency by 10% post-optimizations