Dollar Shave Club Translates Its Online Video Success To Radio and TV

By implementing Convertro through Media Design Group to test, measure and improve its broadcast marketing campaigns, Dollar Shave Club was able to:

  • Translate its online video success to radio and TV
  • Reduce its cost per acquisition rate by 48 percent between March and May of 2013

About Dollar Shave Club
Since launching in 2012 with a YouTube video that has since been viewed 10 million times, Dollar Shave Club has focused on building a business that helps guys save time and money by delivering high-quality razors right to their doors. The company – which sees itself as a lifestyle brand, not a razor business – initially appealed to customers with a compelling product offer and a viral video that was part sales pitch, part stand-up comedy routine. Since then, the subscription-based, membership-commerce service has grown its staff, expanded its product line, and accepted more than $10 million in funding from venture capital firms.

Dollar Shave Club’s strength from its inception was not only its ability to tap into a market need and solve it, but also its founder’s aptitude for creative, attention-getting marketing. The success of the company’s popular YouTube video sparked its first wave of growth. Now, Dollar Shave Club is growing again with a line of on-demand products, and the brand needed a marketing campaign mix that brought its values and personality to life beyond YouTube, while also delivering measurable returns. The company’s first offline advertising campaigns were radio-centric. Based on the success of those ads, Dollar Shave Club began investigating the possibility of television outreach. However, the investment required for television made measurement more important to Dollar Shave Club than ever before. The company needed the ability to track the return on its offline investments.

Dollar Shave Club’s TV buying agency, Media Design Group, suggested the company speak with Convertro. Together, Convertro, Media Design Group and Dollar Shave Club answered the questions every company should ask itself before and during a television campaign: Is offline media generating return on investment? What is the cost per action? Which TV & Radio networks, programs and creatives are performing best? Which days or hours are most effective? By constantly asking and answering these and related questions based on cross-device data analysis, Dollar Shave Club has optimized its offline campaign and taken its online success to the offline world. The company now continues to leverage Convertro with it’s media buying partners to adjust and reallocate its TV budget on a daily basis and provide revenue support during a high-growth phase.

“Dollar Shave Club had great success with online video marketing, but we didn’t want to make the leap into broadcast without the ability to test, measure and improve our campaigns. Convertro determines which radio and TV buys are profitable for our brand and recommends strategic adjustments that continue to improve our results.”

Adam Weber, Vice president of consumer marketing, Dollar Shave Club