Indochino Tracks Users Across Browsers And Devices by Implementing Convertro's Advanced User Matching


By implementing Convertro, Indochino was able to:

  • Tie together browsing sessions for 5 percent of all converting visitors in a month.
  • Tie browsing sessions across marketing sources – as high as 12.31% for some sources.
  • Discover that 76% of matched users were switching from laptop or desktop to mobile or tablet devices.

About Indochino
Indochino is a well-known e-commerce retailer located in Vancouver, Canada. The company has been a client of Convertro since 2010 and was established in 2007 to help men dress in stylish, custom fit suits and apparel at prices they could afford. Today, Indochino creates beautifully customized apparel for more than 100,000 men in more than 70 countries around the world and is shaping a new and improved world of custom men’s fashion.

While many companies worry about the reliability of their user tracking on the same computer and browser, Indochino was looking to solve an even bigger problem – tracking users who switch across multiple devices or browsers as they interact with online assets. In today’s environment, users constantly switch devices as they interact with various websites. For example, a user may research and investigate on a mobile device or tablet during his commute, but ultimately convert on his desktop or laptop at home or the office.

In 2012, Indochino implemented Convertro’s Advanced User Matching to capture and combine sessions from users who browse sites across multiple devices and browsers. While Convertro’s technology had improved data accuracy from users who clear or delete cookies, this feature is specifically targeted toward those who are switching devices or browsers as they interact with a company’s marketing.

Not only did Convertro’s solution greatly improve data accuracy and reliability, but also the resulting data was provided to Indochino in multiple actionable reports. For example, Indochino was able to see, by source, what device types were commonly being combined into single sessions, and which channels were commonly being matched up.

Indochino now has the ability to use this data when setting up cross-device campaigns. It can focus on the channels that get tied together most, such as PPC and display. Furthermore, Convertro’s reports can guide Indochino when dealing with mobile and tablet-targeted content.

“When we initially decided to implement this feature, we were looking forward to improving the quality of our data, which we certainly did. The additional reporting and device data was a welcomed bonus!”
Michael Macintyre, Director of online marketing,  Indochino