What are some common roadblocks that get in the way of a marketer’s ability to make smart decisions?

  1. No true single view of the customer

    1. Too many gaps in customer data

    2. Lack of full visibility into customer’s complex, multi-channel, multi-device path to purchase

  2. Unmanageable data

  3. Too many disparate tools and platforms

    1. Too many data and research streams to manage

    2. Lack of single source of truth

  4. Lack of truly actionable insights

    1. Insights are not prescriptive enough for real-world execution

    2. Difficulty measuring/demonstrating insights-driven results

    3. Insights not at user-level granularity for effective and efficient planning and course correction

  5. Highly fragmented media

  6. Organizational impediments- Ultimately, you need the right people, tools and processes in place to realize real improvements

    1. Siloed budgets across marketing channels and teams make optimizations slow and challenging to execute

    2. Lack of sponsorship and commitment from senior leadership makes change management difficult

    3. Marketing measurement and analysis is an continuous process that requires commitment to testing and learning over time – can’t boil the ocean; analytics proficiency doesn’t happen overnight  

  7. Lack of confidence in current methodologies

    1. Lack of trust or buy-in obstructs adoption of any new analytics solution

    2. Knowledge that something is inaccurate (e.g. last click), yet difficult to migrate to a different approach due to concerns about $ and resources

    3. Macro level, aggregate level approach is inadequate for surgical optimizations (e.g. traditional MMM just doesn’t cut it anymore)

  8. Inability to quickly identify and correct issues

    1. Slowness in implementation

    2. Lack of integration creates workflow friction and issues that slow a marketer’s ability to act

    3. Inability to “fine tune” or course correction