7 Questions To Ask Ad Agencies in RFP

When brands send requests for proposal questionnaires to ad agencies, they’re looking for a range of information. The questions might touch on creative strategies, access to account leaders, deliverables and more, but the primary question in any RFP comes down to this: can your agency move the dial for our brand?

Getting a satisfactory answer to that question requires that companies ask about measurement strategies and optimization partners, as well as a number of other factors. Your RFP might be five pages and 20 questions long, but the core information you need is quite simple. An RFP is about ROI – and how much you can expect from your agency partner.

To figure that out, make sure to include these seven questions in your RFP to agencies:

1. How do you track the relationship between creative efforts and lead generation and conversion?

2. Do you work with a marketing optimization partner? Which one?

3. What kinds of results can you share about the ROI your marketing optimization partner has delivered to clients?

4. What does your team do to understand how prospects interact with online and offline interactions?

5. Can you or your optimization partner integrate with any demand-side platform DSPs to make attribution information available to them, to inform their algorithms, or allow for real time bidding?

6. Can you or your optimization partner link data sets across multiple devices? If so, do you use that data to help clients allocate budget for greatest impact?

7. Which types of attribution have you found to be most effective in illuminating cross-channel influence and make strategic media mix decisions?

A solid advertising agency will offer you more than just creative services and media buying options. With so many marketing channels available to brands – including TV, radio, catalogue, direct mail, in-store and myriad digital options – an agency partner should be able to explain and prove which combination of touchpoints spurs conversion, which are underperforming and make actionable recommendations for improving your ad campaigns in order to maximize marketing spend.

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