Are There Any Scenario Planning Tools To Enable Us To Run Sensitivity Analysis Across Various KPIs?

Yes! Convertro’s scenario planner (a feature directly accessible in the dashboard) helps you understand how changing your marketing buys will impact your conversions, revenue, and ROI. While Convertro’s spend recommendation tool can provide information about your optimal marketing mix, sometimes you might need to forecast what would happen if you were to use a specific marketing mix, and compare these results with your current mix and with what the spend recommendation tool suggests. This is where the scenario planner comes in. It allows you to input your proposed spend for specific marketing channels and see what the predicted impact of changing spend in this way would be on revenue, conversions, and ROI.

The scenario planner uses elasticities to compute your optimized and expected revenue, conversions, and ROI. Unlike a linear model, which assumes that every additional dollar of marketing spend produces a proportional increase in revenue, elasticities capture the saturation effect you see as return from increased investment on a particular marketing channel begins to diminish. Elasticities are calculated using historical spend and conversion data.

Our planning tool also takes into consideration business logic: it won’t recommend increasing spend on channels where investment is by definition capped (e.g. saturation on PPC branded keywords) and enables the user to limit the recommended spend on specific channels to incorporate more personalized business logic (e.g. “I can’t spend more on display, don’t recommend that to me”).

Watch the video to see it in action: