Can You Predict Future Marketing Performance?

Of course we can predict future marketing performance.  The question is “can we do it accurately?”… And therein lies all the difference in the world. Convertro generates spend recommendations that tell you what you can do better and include our best estimate as to what you can expect in terms of real-world results – if you follow the recommendations.  These recommendations are the product of the best scientific methodologies from some of the smartest folks money can buy.  We even provide Scenario Planners that predict what will happen given a specific constraint or input.  For instance, “what will happen if I spend an additional million dollars on search?” or “What if I only want to increase my TV budget by 20%?”

In every case, we’re making a prediction and we’re tracking our client’s marketing investment to see if it is accurate.  We’re always improving our core algorithms which determine how much credit each marketing source should be given but also the algorithms that make recommendations and predict the future.