Will Convertro Attribution Tags Bring My Site Down or Delay Page Loading?

No, we never caused a site to go down and we’re not going to start with yours.

Convertro’s tags have both synchronous and asynchronous components. The asynchronous component does not affect page load or render time (since it loads independently from your other page content). The synchronous component typically loads in under 100 milliseconds. The asynchronous components typically load in 200 to 300 milliseconds.

Our tracking module is served from Amazon’s low-latency, highly available CloudFront CDN, which routes all requests to geographically local data centers to ensure fast load-times. Subsequent Convertro components are loaded asynchronously within a non-blocking dynamic IFRAME for minimal impact upon page load performance and end-user experience. Convertro also employs internal monitoring and failover systems to shield your site from potential Convertro outages. The total content payload of all Convertro components is less than 10k gzipped (15k uncompressed). All components are thoroughly tested for compatibility and performance on all major browser platforms.