Mobile is now the main port of entry into the mindset of consumers.

Measuring mobile comes with several unique challenges:  

  • Following a consumer journey as they move from device to device

  • Measuring advertising exposure and brand interaction on both mobile websites
    and mobile applications

  • Determining accurate location and overlaying this against the consumer journey

  • Convertro helps advertisers see across the consumers’ mobile experience and put that
    in context of all the other marketing you deliver.


The most accurate real-time mobile picture

  •  Ad tracking via Javascript in mobile web and in-app advertising

  • Site tracking via Javascript/pixel across advertisers’ mobile properties

  • In-app activity tracking of impressions, clicks, purchases, activity

  • We match across devices using deterministic data from device IDs and hashed login/email data

  • All mobile data flows seamlessly into our MTA and Unified models

Simple and flexible

  •  Auto-generated tracking tags for all advertising media and advertiser sites/apps

  • server to server integrations with TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, Appsflyer for gathering mobile
    activity across hundreds of thousands of apps