Media spending is pouring into digital marketing channels at an unprecedented pace. Billions of impressions, millions of keywords, thousands of URLs, hundreds of creative messages, dozens of devices - all create a myriad of options.

Marketers are under pressure to drive effectiveness as well as efficiency.  

Last click, first click, even, weighted.  These are arbitrary, antiquated methods of assigning revenue credit to marketing. They cloud our understand of what marketing is really successful and what marketing is failing.

Multi-touch attribution lets the data speak for itself, and uncovers true winners and losers.


+ You currently use last-click and aren’t seeing revenue growth via advertising

+ You primarily advertise direct to consumer or business via user-level methods like search, display, email, social, direct mail or catalog

+ You want to tie advertising effectiveness back to your CRM.

+ You want to better understand your consumers’ journey to purchase

+ You are under pressure to maximize the effectiveness of every marketing dollar

+ Your business sells through multiple channels: brick & mortar, online, and via mobile applications


 Intimate knowledge of the marketing forces driving your business success

  • The accuracy of our methodology, logistic regression, is well documented in the fields of healthcare and physical sciences.

  • Machine learning algorithms pre-process our data to identify every marketing touchpoint which should be attributed

  • We account for both converting and non-converting users

  • We provide a consumer-level understanding across all digital and offline channels

  • We filter out the noise of non-media factors like weather, geography, frequent purchase to focus the results you view on marketing

  • Our model explicitly accounts for the viewability, frequency, recency, sequence, and diminishing return of advertising

  • We match across devices using deterministic data from device IDs and hashed login/email data

Be more proactive and agile with your marketing

  •  The model refreshes daily

  • Real-time dashboards with full pivoting for strategic as well as tactical insights

  • Buyline-level feeds to popular programmatic media buying systems across search, display, and video up to four times per day

  • Automated data quality scans prevent data loss or attribution errors

  • Seamless integration of analysis and scenario planning in a single interface

Flexibility to adapt to changes in digital advertising

  • Automated data ingestion from over 75 marketing systems

  • Freedom to choose your vendors for mobile in-app data collection, programmatic ad buying, email and CRM