Verizon Will Boost Convertro’s Cross-Device, Connected TV Attribution Chops

“This is an area we’re in high collaboration with Verizon, getting more into the mobile programmatic space,” she said. “Coming from the multitouch attribution space, that would be our expectation – to start doing programmatic TV and more mobile advertising. It will supercharge our multichannel attribution in the areas of cross-device and set-top box data.”

Aol Buys Marketing Analytics Company Convertro

 In short, multi-touch attribution modeling is all about helping marketers and agencies maximize return on their advertising spend across online and offline media channels with granular insights into each channel, format, ad creative and audience segment. For example, a fashion brand can better understand which part(s) of their marketing campaign (i.e., a TV spot, an online video ad, a catalogue) influenced a customer’s purchase and to what extent, allowing them to adjust their ad spend accordingly and in real-time.