Aol Buys Marketing Analytics Company Convertro


AOL says that it will be integrating Convertro’s service — which lets a marketer look across different ad channels, formats, segments and so on to figure out things like which ads influenced which kinds of users and when — into AOL Platforms, covering services like, AdLearn Open Platform (AOP) and ONE, the company’s recently-announced programmatic effort.

In short, multi-touch attribution modeling is all about helping marketers and agencies maximize return on their advertising spend across online and offline media channels with granular insights into each channel, format, ad creative and audience segment. For example, a fashion brand can better understand which part(s) of their marketing campaign (i.e., a TV spot, an online video ad, a catalogue) influenced a customer’s purchase and to what extent, allowing them to adjust their ad spend accordingly and in real-time.
— Tim Armstrong, AOL's CEO