TV ads can be brand-builders or direct-response incentives.  Many attribution companies build their TV measurement capabilities around the latter, and forget the former.  This can lead to under-crediting TV by as much as 10x.

TV measurement must account for both types of ads, both short and long-term effects, and must fit into the broader view of omni-channel efforts.  Convertro’s TV attribution methodology addresses all of these requirements.


See Immediate and halo effects of TV

  • We insert TV exposures into each user’s attribution path based on likelihood of exposure at the DMA level

  • We align TV exposures with specific digital activity occurring shortly after TV ad airing

  • TV is not measured in a silo, but accounted for holistically by Convertro’s MTA and Unified models

Identify at a macro and tactical level what TV advertising performance

  • Attribution credit is assigned down to the network/show/episode/DMA/creative level

  • National, local, and international ad airings are supported

Accurate and flexible sourcing of TV data

  • We combine automated data feeds with agency-provided spot logs to provide the most accurate measure of ad spend as well as quick data ingestion of airings data and performance metrics

  • Where available, we use deterministic set-top-box data and Audio Content Recognition to assign consumer-level TV ad data into the attribution path