Sophisticated marketers currently employ multiple solutions to understand marketing ROI and forecast optimal media and creative spending. Marketing Mix Models explain the 40,000 foot story to executives and leadership. What factors moved my business? What media channels were most effective. How should I plan for next year?  Multi-touch Attribution explains the 4 foot high individual consumer story to media planners, buyers, and technologists. Each works well in its own right, but getting them to co-exist is nearly impossible. It can be like comparing apples to staplers.

Misaligned budgets, sub-optimal mixes, competing biases, and lack of clarity creates friction and division in the workplace between marketing, finance, agencies, and tech partners.

What’s needed is new thinking within a well-established framework. Convertro’s Unified Marketing Activation Platform adds all of the benefits of MMM on top of an award winning MTA.  This is done through additional automated data source ingestion and a new methodological approach based on Nobel Prize-winning statistical approaches.  These enhancements run atop of Convertro’s big data, machine-learning enhanced infrastructure.


+ You currently use both MMM and MTA and find large discrepancies

+ You invest heavily in digital and offline marketing

+ Your marketing organization wants to be more data-driven

+ Your revenue comes through online and offline points-of purchase

+ Your business is affected by economic, seasonal, competitive, and weather factors


Be confident in your marketing choice

  • Most accurate approach to omni-channel marketing measurement

  • Strategic guidance through organizational and procedural change

  • No discrepancies between high level and low level insights and recommendations

Stay ahead of your competitors

  • Get initial insights within a few weeks

  • Model refreshes in concert with data availability (digital daily, TV weekly)

  • Real-time dashboards with full pivoting for strategic as well as tactical insights

  • If you want a large banner slideshow on Page Collections, you can place a Gallery Block at the very top of the Page, before all other blocks.

Accuracy, through and through

Our consumer choice model works from the consumer up to accurately show historical performance and predict future outcomes

  • The unified logit approach estimates all consumer level and aggregate level parameters simultaneously

  • We account for convertors and non-convertors

  • All media touchpoints can be modeled from digital and offline sources

    • Offline: print, OOH, TV, direct mail, catalog,

    • Digital: search, display, video, email, social, shopping engines, affiliates

  • Non-media factors can all be modeled

    • Econometric: LIBOR, unemployment, housing starts, competitor

    • Environmental: weather, geography

    • Brand metrics: Affinity, customer loyalty, purchase history