Watch the recording of our 8/24/2016 webinar, in partnership with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA):

Leveraging Data: The Science of Marketing

You will hear from Convertro's Director of Product, Vish Oza, and Head of Client Services, Tina Pautz, who will discuss the methodologies that power the most effective attribution technology,and why quality on-boarding, and quality data all go hand in hand for you to take meaningful action on insights.



Watch the recording of our July 2016 webinar with guest, Tina Moffett, of Forrester, below. Hear why MTA + MMM do not add up to UMIA.

The Omnichannel Marketer Goes From Insights To Action 

Michael Cohen, Head of Analytics and Vish Oza, Director of Product Management will walk you through Convertro's solution, Unified Marketing Activation Platform (UMAP), and how you can choose the right attribution partner.


Watch the recording of our June 2016 webinar with The Marketing Science Institute and Casper.

How Multi-Touch Attribution Is Transforming Marketing Decision Making