Best Practices in Marketing ROI Performance Management: Bridging Strategies and Tactics

Hosted by MSI and presented by analytic experts Michael Cohen, Head of Data & Analytics at Convertro, and Jim Spaeth, Partner at Sequent Partners

Learn how ROI management can increase opportunity and efficiency - from activation to organization alignment - across departments to power smarter data-driven decisions, marketing investments and deployment.


How Multi-Touch Attribution Is Transforming Marketing Decision Making

Presented by Scott Breitenother, Vice President of Data and Analytics, Casper and Michael Cohen, Head of Analytics & Data Science, Convertro

Enhanced consumer-level marketing impact analysis, often called attribution, is evolving rapidly, creating new insights about advertising impact and transforming the ways marketers evaluate media investments. Scott Breitenother and Michael Cohen will offer a detailed perspective, based on Casper and Convertro’s ongoing partnership.