Why Being Customer-Centric Means Being Data-Driven

Brands have traditionally used legacy attribution models, such as last-click or first-touch, to measure and optimize their advertising strategies. While these methodologies may have been standard practice in the past, today’s landscape requires a far more sophisticated approach that takes every marketing touchpoint into account.

Based on Convertro campaign data across eight different industries and marketing channels collected over the course of two years, AOL Platforms’ new study reveals how multi-touch attribution is critical to understanding actual return on investment (ROI). The research brings to light the major inefficiencies that exist within advertising measurement and analytics and the steps marketers can take to bolster their strategies.

Additional key insights found in this report include:

While digital marketing generates positive and healthy ROIs for all industries, the reported numbers vary by product category, advertising channel and brand.
Media buyers can no longer solely rely on industry-wide ROI averages or paid media channel rankings to guide spending decisions.
Industry and category results are helpful in providing brands with competitive context, direction and opportunity sizing, but only when broken down into ROI by publisher, placement, creative and keyword.

A best practice for improving ROI should include multiple buying tools, an advanced MTA methodology and an advertiser’s first-party data.