Study: Top 10 Accretive Affiliates

For this study, first published in May 2012, Convertro has again leveraged its enormous and detailed dataset to put together a study of the most accretive affiliate publishers amongst all of its clients.

While many businesses with an online presence use affiliates as a source of traffic, many online marketers do not trust them. In the past, affiliate marketers were thought of as commissioned salespeople shrouded by online tricks, willing to do anything to make a buck. Their tactics were known to range from blatant fraud to suspicious traffic to traffic with an extremely low lifetime value. Today, the world of affiliate marketing is quite different, with many legitimate websites set up on a model that generates money solely from affiliate deals.

However, even after detecting and removing all of the cookie stuffers and affiliates who are sending bad traffic, it is sometimes hard to determine whether an affiliate is providing any value to a business. For example, some coupon sites do not bring any new traffic in, but could be simply giving customers (who are about to check out anyway) a last minute deal. This study’s goal is to help put together a list of credible, accretive affiliates – those who are more likely to bring in new traffic, and traffic that will convert on a legitimate basis, both of which add long-term value to the business.