Intimate knowledge of the marketing forces driving your business success

  • Convertro has been recognized as frontrunners in the marketing analytics space by both Forrester and Gartner.  

  • Our data science team has both formidable academic credibility and in-market experience helping top brands

  • Convertro’s strategy team has over 75 years of experience helping top CPG, finance, auto, telco, and media brands drive success through marketing

  • Over 180 clients spanning multiple countries

  • We leverage our DNA as a tech startup infuses to solve problems faster

We relentlessly pursue consumer level data

  • Automated data ingestion of performance and spend data from over 80 marketing technology systems

  • We tie all marketing touchpoints back to consumers using deterministic data only.  Probabilistic methods have
    an average 30% error rate which translates into wrong attribution and wasted spend

  • Convertro has access to unique data points provided by AOL and Verizon, which add layers of accuracy and consumer insight available through no other measurement provider

  • We apply Javascript and pixel tracking tags to all digital paid media activity, ensuring real-time data collection.  
    It also allows Convertro to drive user de-duplication which improves accuracy

Our Science

  • Our Unified model is the first to holistically model both aggregate data and consumer-level data
    parameters simultaneously

  • Our data scientists are also talented developers, who programmed Convertro’s model to run atop an enterprise-level big-data infrastructure

  • Convertro’s model can be quickly customized to account for unique media and non-media factors that
    influence the performance of your marketing campaigns

We Empower our Service Team using Technology

  • We use technology to automate low-value service activities like data onboarding, tag QA, and alerts/notifications

  • This frees up our service team to dedicate their time to attribution strategy, change management, and advanced insight delivery

  • The average Convertro client sees initial insights within 4 weeks of contract signing, and daily thereafter.

We Close The Loop To Activation

  • Convertro has system-to-system integrations with many search engine management (SEM) and demand-side platforms (DSP) for faster activation of our spend recommendations

  • Convertro acts as the main analytics component of ONE by AOL, a fully-featured programmatic
    advertising system.

  • Clients who leverage Convertro as part of ONE by AOL are given full access to AOL’s data management platform (ONE Audience) for audience segment analysis, ROI-based performance of all audience segments, and integrated planning/targeting

  • Convertro clients can activate MTA-based auto-optimization of media spend and bid levels on ONE by AOL DSPs