• Measure

  • Attribute

  • Optimize

  • Not just Big Data, but Accurate Data

    We measure customer interactions with your brand as they move through the purchase funnel.  We collect conversion event data from your online e-commerce, in-app, in-store, or retail partners.   We then match up user-level data from online display, video, email, mobile, social, affiliate, and search campaigns along with offline direct-mail, catalog and broadcast TV/radio campaigns.

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    Scientific Attribution

    We offer sophisticated multi-touch attribution and marketing mix modeling. Our machine-learning algorithm considers thousands of variables to accurately assign credit across every touch-point your consumers take. The results show you leaders and laggards at the channel, vendor, tactic, and ad level – centered on the KPIs you care about: sales, ROI, profit, or custom.

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    From data insights to spend recommendations

    We offer a holistic closed-loop system for driving marketing ROI.  Our toolset delivers actionable recommendations, regardless of your business type or vertical. Set your broad strategic media plans with our top-down Marketing Mix Model. Make agile, tactical optimizations across multiple channels using our interactive dashboards and SEM/DSP integrations.

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    • Linking online and offline marketing

      We tell you how TV, catalog, and direct mail influence digital campaigns.  We identify which advertising is driving consumers to your stores.

    • Speed to Recommendations

      Our entire system is built for speed.  Automated data integrations ingest and normalize your data faster.  Our advanced statistical model attributes billions of customer interactions daily. Our user-friendly web portal shows recommendations in plain English. Our direct connections with programmatic SEM tools and display/mobile/video DSPs let you optimize with ease.

    • Built to scale

      Our cloud-based system manages 1.5 terabytes of data every day. We automatically ingest data from over 350 marketing sources. We use deterministic methodology to match billions of ad impressions across millions of devices to identify cross-device users with 100% accuracy.  Our real-time data processing allows you to explore multiple scenarios and strategies without waiting.

    • 63%

      increase of Zendesk’s qualified leads after measuring and optimizing display impressions with Convertro

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    • 48%

      reduction of CPA for TV ads accomplished by Dollar Shave Club in 2 months, followed by a 66% increase in TV spend.

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    • 49%

      ROI increase gained by Wine Enthusiast, just by cutting unprofitable affiliate spending.

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