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  • Attribute

  • Optimize

  • Not just Big Data, but Accurate Data

    Unlike traditional tracking methods, Convertro can follow a user’s path to purchase across multiple browsers and devices. This includes not just online clicks and impressions, but also offline exposures like TV ads and direct mail. We developed a combination of techniques that accurately collects marketing touchpoints and guarantees both data integrity and privacy compliance. Let us do the big data heavy lifting for you.

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    A Scientific Attribution Model

    Only a statistically sound attribution model can give accurate results. Convertro’s algorithmic attribution can tell if and how each touchpoint contributed to every conversion. The model analyzes millions of unique path combinations at the most granular level. Our methodology has been scientifically proven more accurate than any rule-based approach and constantly self-adjusts based on new incoming data.

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    From data insights to spend recommendations

    We believe data is useless without actionability: our advanced algorithms give voice to data and recommend where you should spend your next dollar, or where to reduce spend. For example, we can automatically shift spend across keywords, affiliates or TV networks and improve ROI starting today. Our optimization module is like a pocket data analyst that also allows for user segmentation, display frequency capping, scenario planning and, of course, budgeting.

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    • Linking online and offline marketing

      We enable marketers to link digital and physical strategies by synchronizing online exposures to TV ads or paper catalogs, at single source. Our ability to match in-store purchases with offline and online marketing efforts helps brands identify which advertising is driving consumers to the store.

    • Speed to Recommendations

      There's nothing worse than having to wait months to get any value out of a product you just bought. Convertro has the fastest-learning algorithm of the industry developing a customized model unique to your business, and the best marketing talent to help you see the story behind the data.

    • Built to scale

      Our big data engineers manage 1.5T of data every day, having built a system that can handle seasonal peaks of billions of hits per day. Every month, we match more than nine million devices. Convertro integrates spend data from media vendors to automatically calculate ROI at the most granular level.

    • 63%

      increase of Zendesk’s qualified leads after measuring and optimizing display impressions with Convertro

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    • 48%

      reduction of CPA for TV ads accomplished by Dollar Shave Club in 2 months, followed by a 66% increase in TV spend.

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    • 49%

      ROI increase gained by Wine Enthusiast, just by cutting unprofitable affiliate spending.

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